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Talon™ DistalFix™  Nail       
Orthopedic Designs North America, Inc. (ODi) was established to invent, develop, manufacture and market improved fixation products for the orthopedic community. In keeping with this charter Orthopedic Designs, Inc. offers the finest new developments in orthopedic surgery encompassing its patented process: Talon™ Technology


Talon™ DistalFix™ Femoral Nail System*


ODi’s exclusive DistalFix™ Talon™ Technology eliminates the OR time associated with implanting cortical screws resulting in fewer incisions, no cortical screw drilling or placement, and reduced radiation exposure. The titanium Talon™ Lag Screw enables the surgeon to fully compress a proximal fracture with patented Talon Technology™ in the surgical field with the added rotational stability and cut out resistance versus a standard lag screw.

Proximal Fixation
  •  3x Rotational Stability
  •  2x Compression
  •  Virtually no Lag Screw Migration









Distal Fixation

  •  Proven Technology
  •  No Cortical Screws
  •  No Free-Handing
  •  Less Radiation
  •  Avoid Stress Risers













  • Easy to Use Instrumentation in a Single Tray







  • Set Screw Locks in Compression or Allows Postoperative Compression

  • Eliminates Lag Screw Migration









    Surgical Technique

    7008 - Talon DistalFix Surgical Technique (SLN-T50) - 2.0.pdf


    Product Brochure



    Biomechanics Brochure




    * Patent Pending



    Talon™ Compression Hip Screw

     The Talon™ CHS seeks to reduce complications by allowing the surgeon to fully compress the fracture while the patient is on the table, instead of relying upon variables beyond the surgeon's control which occur after the operation. The talons have been shown to provide twice the compression and a threefold increase in rotational stability over non-talon lag screws. The clinical benefits, therefore, are a direct result of the Talon™ CHS providing the surgeon with the needed tools to achieve better purchase in the proximal fragment.  







    The custom, stainless steel alloy talons are designed with chisel-type tips that allows them to cut into the cortical bone without splitting it. The talons can deploy to variable depths based upon surgeon preference and the quality of bone available.







    Just two (2) trays contain the entire Talon™ CHS system! The Talon™ CHS was designed to provide full visualization of the implants and instrumentation to the surgeon and OR staff. This way you see exactly what has been used during surgery. The talon retraction instrumentation is included in every instrument set! This eliminates the need to store or sterilize a third set of instruments should explantation of the system be required.








    The Talon™ CHS is designed to deploy its talons into the region where good cortical bone most often exists: the calcar femorale. [A review of even the most osteoporotic femurs shows increased density at the calcar femorale.] In addition, watching deployment of the talons under radiography and feeling the resistance provides the surgeon with a unique feedback mechanism as to the quality of the bone.













    Surgical Technique




    Biomechanics Evaluation






     7.0mm Cannulated Screw System


    ODi’s 7.0mm Cannulated Screw system is available for those fracture types that the Talon™ CHS and Talon™ Distafix™ Nail cannot treat: High femoral neck fractures.


    A self-cutting tip and self-tapping flutes gives the custom titanium alloy cannulated screw its aggressiveness. These characteristics provide the surgeon the ability to place the screw quickly and easily. In the event of hard bone a tap is provided. The instrumentation is cannulated to allow for a purely percutaneous      technique. Nested drill sleeves allow the insertion of a Ø3.0mm guide wire, a Ø5.0mm drill, and the screw through a single stab incision and without switching instruments. To distribute forces in osteopenic bone Ø13.0mm washers are available in the tray.








    • Aggressive Self-Cutting / Self Tapping Flutes   for easy placement
    • Easy Insertion
    • Single Tray System
    • 7.0mm Cannulated Screws











    Contact us in order to learn more about Orthopedic Designs North America, Inc.