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Grand Biologics' Orthopaedic grafting products include human grafts ranging from femoral heads to soft tissue grafts including Grand Dermis, sports medicine grafts and spinal grafts.


Femoral Heads, Cortical Structs, Cortical Sharfts, Cancellous Cubed, Cancellous Block, Cortical / Cancellous, Cancellous Chips, Cortical / Cancellous Chips          


Sports Medicine

 Achilles Tendon, Semitendinosus, Gracilis Tendon, Peroneus Longus Tendon, Tibilias Tendon, Patellar Ligament, Patellar Ligaments (pre-shaped), Fresh Femoral Condyle, Fresh Ankle Talus, Meniscus

Spinal Grafts

Cortical Sharft Fibula, IIiac Crest Block (Tricortical Cervical), IIiac Crest Block (Tricortical Lumbar), Tricortical IIiac Wedge, Cortical / Cancellous Ring (Parellel), Cortical Dense Cancellous Spacer, Cervical Parallel Large Size, Cervical Parallel Small Size, Cervical Lordotic Large, Cervical Parallel Large Humerus, ALIF 6 Lordosis, Allocgraft PLIF, Allocraft TLIF, Natural PLIF Wedge

Other Allografts

Grand Dermis (Acellular Dermis), DBM Powder, Pericardium Patch, Blend Paste (DBM + Cancellous Bone Blend), Blend Putty (DBM + Cancellous Bone Blend), Skin - Cryopreserved (Meshed 2:1), Skin - Cryopreserved (Non-meshed, Fresh)


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