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The David Payne & Associates, LLC product line clearly demonstrates the ideology the Company strives to uphold: a commitment to quality, a passion for innovation and a dedication to the health of the patients we serve.  We offer an impressive line of non-invasive electrotherapy products that provide patients with an opioid free solution to pain management.  When used properly, patients can also use electrotherapy to wean themselves off of their Schedule II narcotics.

"Prescription drug overdose is now the fastest-growing drug problem in the country, surpasing the number of people who overdosed during both the crack cocaine empidemic of the 1980's and the black tar heroin epidemic of the 1970s combined."
News Updates:
The TENS unit is a small, battery-powered device that augments healing, alleviates swelling through increased blood circulation and reduces both acute and chronic pain through the use of electrical currents delivered through adhesive surface electrodes. 

David Payne & Associates, LLC offers two of the most effective TENS devices on the world market:
TENS 3900


Device description:

  • Microprocessor techology
  • 0 - 90mA adjustable pulse amplitude
  • 4 modes: Burst, Constant, Modulation Width, Modulation-rate & width 
  • Timer: 30, 60, continuous
  • Clear window allows patient to see settings
  • Amplitude safety cap


TENS 7000

Device description:

  • Digital version of our popular TENS 3000
  • Hinged panel for easy access to controls
  • Sure grip rubber sides and sturdy belt clip for ease of use










Likar Shoulder Study.pdf
Postoperative Pain Control After Shoulder Arthroscopy.pdf

TENS med consumption meta-analysis.pdf

Smith Knee Study.pdf

TENS and Postop Pain.pdf

Roll of Non-Opioid AnalgesicTechniques.pdf



Interferential current (IFC) is characterized by the crossing of two electrical medium, independent frequencies that work together to effectively stimulate large impulse fibers.  These frequencies interfere with the transmission of pain messages at the spinal cord level.  Because of the frequency, the Interferential wave meets low impedance when crossing the skin to enter the underlying tissue.  This deep tissue penetration can be adjusted to stimulate parasympathetic nerve fibers for increased blood flow. Interferential Stimulation differs from TENS because it allows a deeper penetration of the tissue with more comfort (compliance) and increased circulation.



IF 4000

    Device description:
  • Easy to use analog controls 
  • Dual channel control
  • AC adapter included







Effects of Home Interferential Therapy.pdf 


Electronic Muscle Stimulation is an Internationally accepted and proven way of treating muscle injuries.  It works by sending electronic pulses to the muscle needing treatment; this causes the muscle to exercise passively.  NMES devices Stimulate, Re-educate, and Build Muscle.  NMES is basically done by stimulating targeted areas of the body.  For this purpose, an electronic stimulation device is used along with electrode pads that are placed directly on the body area(s) that need to be stimulated.  Outstanding modality for both pre and postoperative knee surgery.

NMES 7500
Device description:
  • Easy to read digital display 
  • Three Programmed Electrical Muscle Stimulation Modes
  • Dual Channel Controls
  • Turns off automatically when program ends






Early NMES to Optimize QUAD Function.pdf
NMES after TKA.pdf


Please carefully consult with your physician prior to making any decisions regarding your pain management options: 
Electrotherapy vs. Opioids.pdf 

TENS can significantly reduce analgesic consumption for postoperative pain.  (1) TENS has very few contraindications, is simple to apply and has been proven to be remarkably safe.  It also has the benefits of being patient controlled, thereby promoting self-management.

TENS Med Consumption Meta-Analysis.pdf    




Contact us in order to learn more about Electrotherapy.