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David Payne & Associates, LLC

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The DP&A Difference 

David Payne & Associates, LLC provides unique point-of-care service for Hospitals, Clinics and Practices.  We help reduce costs while improving patient care.


We are dedicated to providing hands on treatment of your patients in the following patient care settings:

Surgery - we attend procedures in hospital and ambulatory based settings in order to provide opioid free pain solutions.


Hospitals - we provide alternatives to the use of opioids. 


Physical Therapy Clinics - provide support, education and technical assistance.


Interventional Pain Management - we attend RFA procedures to supply non-invasive support solutions.


Our product solutions 

We have sought out the finest technologically
advanced products and services in the following fields to provide patient care:

A non-invasive solution that has many advantages over analgesic drugs. It has very few contraindications, is simple to apply and has proved to be remarkably safe.  It also benefits from being patient controlled, thereby promoting self-management. 


Turnkey Orthopaedic Product Dispensing

Turnkey solution offering increased practice revenue and patient satisfaction through dispensing Orthopaedic products at the point of care.

Turnkey Physician Dispensing 

It has been shown that 20% - 30% of all prescriptions written go unfilled.  In-office dispensing is a simple and easy program to implement that eliminates patient compliance problems and offers patients convenience and an improved level of care.

Cold Therapy with Intermittent CompressionCan be used to decrease pain and muscle spasms while pushing fluids away from the injury site to reduce the swelling which prevents tissue damage and promotes healing.


Continuous Regional Pain Blocks
Improving both patient and care givers’ lives through innovative advances in pain management. Recent perioperative and post-operative treatment advancements in this area are allowing patients to spend less time in the recovery room and go home sooner thus allowing them to recover more comfortably at home.


Bone Growth Stimulators
Bone growth stimulation is done when satisfactory healing is not occurring naturally or when the pace of healing is too slow. The theory behind applying an electric current to fractures to stimulate healing is based on the fact that the concave side of the bone becomes negatively charged and the convex side is positively charged. It is believed that artificially encouraging this charging with an electric current will speed healing.


Orthopaedic Biologics

Orthopeadic grafting products include human grafts ranging from femoral heads to soft tissue grafts including Grand Dermis, sports medicine grafts and spinal grafts.

Our Company 
Our management team has over 30 years of experience in the medical industry.  Our Tampa Bay location enables us to meet with and treat your patients on a timely baisis in the setting of your choice.  We can also attend your hospital or ambulatory based procedures or meet with your patients in your clinic. 
 We manage the details so you can focus on patient care
  • We dedicate a Clinical Specialist to your practice
  • We provide point-of-care service
  • We handle all associated paperwork
  • You don't have to purchase or stock our DME supplies
  • We answer a
    ll patient product related questions since we are on call 7 days per week 
  • We strive to support you and your patients
 Workers' Compensation 
"What makes us different!"
Hands on Care - Case managers appreciate our approach to treating patients who have been injured at work so they can make a speedy recovery.  Like you, we meet with them individually.
The Patient - Our goal is to provide the tools that are necessary for your patients to recover on a timely basis.  We don't dump supplies at your patients doorstep.  We meet individually with them in order to query, fit and instruct them on the proper use of our products.  We're also on call 7 days per week to support and answer your patients questions.
Your Role - We realize that we share a common goal with our partners.  That's why we're always available to meet with you and your patients no matter when or where.
Compliance Meter - Many of our electronic devices contain a discrete resettable Compliance Meter that enables you to track and record total usage time in minutes and number of times used.  Verifiable patient compliance at your fingertips!
Cost Containment - Our goal is to control costs while providing hands-on patient care.  Feel free to contact one of our experienced professionals in order to learn how we can support your efforts.

Healthcare Consulting

"Moving your business forward!"

Experienced Healthcare Consultants who will provide the necessary insight and recommendations required to expand your business. 

We specialize in:

  • Start-ups
  • New Product Development
  • Business Development
  • Business Plans
  • 510k Assistance
  • State and Federal Regulation
  • Channel Managment

"Healthcare executives face the immediate challenge of reducing costs while maintaining quality patient care in an environment of continous change and turbulence."

Managing strategic outsourcing in the healthcare industry. By Velma Roberts, July-August, 2001, Journal of Healthcare Managment
Center for U.S. Heatlh System Reform

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